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waste and recycle in Italy
Life in Italy

Waste & Recycling in Italy

In Italy, waste management is delivered by each local Comune in accordance with the national legislation. As you may guess, the quality of the service provided, as well as its costs, varies greatly depending on the various municipalities scattered across Italy. The Comune normally does not provide the waste collection and disposal services directly, as

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EU blue card VISA

EU Blue card VISA

The EU introduced a common immigration pattern for Highly qualified foreign workers, the so-called EU Blue Card. The idea behind that is to ease the process to immigrate to Europe for skilled workers needed to boost the economy of the Union. However, how does the EU define high skills? According to the EU regulations, any

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Italian social security

Social Security in Italy

The Italian Social Security system is administered by the INPS. Describing the INPS, and its duties, in a short article is quite complex, however we try to provide you a good outline of the Social Security system of Italy. INPS has the second largest budget (second to the government only), and it is the administration

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TV tax in Italy
Life in Italy

TV & Radio in Italy

From January 1st 2023 Italy will switch to the DVB-T2 standard to expand and propagate the TV signal in Italy. In 2012 Italy switched from analog TV signal to digital, now it goes beyond adopting the second generation digital TV resulting in a better signal delivery as well as a broader choice of channels for

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Lettera raccomandata
Life in Italy

Lettera raccomandata

Once you mail a letter how do you know the recipient has actually received it? The traditional mail does not provide this particular service, in fact every letter is delivered to the recipient’s mailbox and no further action is taken. That letter can sit in the mailbox forever and you will always be unsure if

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Delivery customs
Life in Italy

Freights and Customs

Receiving packages from outside the European Union, will likely make you liable to pay custom fees and VAT. According to the Italian legislation, every single parcel delivered to you in Italy (including gifts or personal items) is subject to import custom clearance in Italy. The delivery is tracked by the local customs disclosing certain elements:

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