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high school in Italy

Secondary school in Italy

The secondary school in Italy is articulated in the lower secondary school from 11 years to 14 years of age, and the upper secondary school from 14 years of age to 19 years of age. Note that the lower secondary school is mandatory, while the upper secondary school courses are mandatory until the student is

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Italian health registration
Health in Italy

Italian health system registration

The health system in Italy is Universal, and it aims to provide healthcare service to its citizens, and EU or non-EU nationals residing in Italy. The whole system is based on public and private clinics, providing their healthcare services to the population. The health system allows two types of registration: MandatoryVoluntary The first registration allows

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Primary school in Italy

Primary School in Italy

Primary school is mandatory for every child starting from age 6, and altogether middle school it is included in the primary education cycle. The main scope of the primary/elementary school is to provide the students with the basic knowledge to develop the individual’s cognitive abilities. This learning path is considered the basic education requirement to

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Unemployment benefits in Italy
Work in Italy

Unemployment benefits in Italy

Being unemployed is a very difficult situation a worker might find himself in, however it can be worse. Imagine finding yourself unemployed with no knowledge of the unemployment benefits you are entitled or what to do once you lose your job? This article aims to shed some light on the matter and to guide you

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Italian citizenship

How to obtain the Italian citizenship

The Italian passport ranks 3rd globally in power. If you hold an Italian passport you can travel VISA free to more than 100 countries globally, and you are also able to obtain a tourist VISA in further 38 destinations. Having an Italian passport is a big plus, as it increases your mobility options as well

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Baby registration
Life in Italy

Baby registration

Once a baby born, it is compulsory to register the birth at the local Comune (Servizi Anagrafici), to record the newborn, as well as to provide him/her legal rights How to register a newborn There are two ways to register your newborn If you have already chosen the baby’s name, you can register him/here at

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