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Company incorporation Italy
Work in Italy

Company Incorporation in Italy

There are various ways you can trade and do business in Italy and each of the setup carries pros and cons. The easiest form is normally the self-employed or freelancer position; however this does not screen the trader from unlimited liability in case of bankruptcy or any mishappenings incurred during the trade. The limited liability

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Italian property tax

Property tax in Italy

Property ownership is taxed at purchase, at ownership, and at sale. It is therefore essential to understand the various taxes involving the properties in Italy and how to pay them. Property tax at purchase Once you buy a property in Italy you are required to pay property tax. There are different taxes involved in the

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Italian wealth tax

Wealth tax in Italy

The Italian tax system also includes wealth tax for assets held by Italian residents. Since 2012, the 0.2% IVAFE (tax on foreign held assets) and 0.76% (tax on foreign real estate) have been introduced in the Italian tax system. Every Italian tax resident who owns assets overseas is required to disclose the value on December

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Will and inheritance

Will and Inheritance in Italy

Becoming a resident of Italy will also impact your estate. What happens if you die in Italy?  You should take this question seriously, and find out the consequences of dying in Italy. Which law is applicable if you die in Italy? Prior answering this question, it is important to understand where the deceased had his/her

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Italy country overview

Italy is an independent country located in the Southern part of Europe. Italy is a parliamentary Constitutional Republic founded in 1946 after the first universal suffrage election during which the population has opted to constitute the Republic, replacing the monarchy that ruled the country since its unification happened in 1861. The head of state is

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Italy golden VISA

Investor/Golden VISA to Italy

Since 2017 Italy has introduced their first residency by investment program, competing with other Mediterranean nations including Spain and Portugal to provide such a possibility to non-EU citizens. What kind of investment qualifies for the investor VISA? The applicant needs to perform any of the following investment: € 2,000,000 in Italian government bonds;€ 1,000,000 in

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