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Italian public holidays
Life in Italy

Public Holidays in Italy

Public Holidays are certain days throughout the years where national and local activities are reduced, and they are alternated by working days. Italian public holidays are affected by the Christian heritage, the Roman heritage, and Italian history. The weekly holiday is placed on each Sunday, in accordance to the Christian heritage; furthermore, Italy has 12

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Internet in Italy
Life in Italy

Internet setup in Italy

Italy ranks at the bottom of the EU charts for Internet speed. However the situation is greatly improving thanks to the various government’s commitment to increase the broadband available in Italy, as well as connect even remote villages to the optical fiber network. Let’s find out how the Internet service works in Italy and how

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electricity in Italy
Life in Italy

Electricity in Italy

Italy switched from monopoly to free market for electricity in 1999; 37 years after the creation of Enel (Energia Elettrica), the national monopoly company was subject to competition and therefore it battles with other suppliers to provide the electricity to Italian households and companies. The standard electricity supply is 220 Volts (V), 50 Hertz (Hz).

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Enroll in Italian school

How to enrol in school in Italy

Enrolling at any Italian school requires the parents or the guardian to undertake a specific procedure, providing the school with all the relevant documents. In this article we focus on the public school enrolment, because the process is standardized, whilst private schools have different procedures based on their internal decisions. The Italian government has created

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Italian income tax

Taxes in Italy 2022

The Italian income tax is called IRPEF “Imposta sul Reddito delle Persone Fisiche”, and it is based on progressive tax rates. Each region and municipality can add a surcharge based on the same income as IRPEF. Each Region and Municipality has different rates. The national IRPEF is based on brackets ranging from 23% up 43%,

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Healthcare coverage overseas
Health in Italy

Healthcare coverage overseas

What happens if you are overseas and in need of healthcare treatment? In the unlikely event of requiring healthcare services in the EU outside of Italy, the Tessera Sanitaria system has you covered. The European Union has enacted a Healthcare cooperation among its state members, in an attempt to create a single service for Healthcare

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