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Italian house
Real Estate

Buying a property in Italy

Buying a property in Italy is a life goal for many of you living here or just having a vacation home. There are countless reasons to buy a home in Italy, yet this article focuses on the process of acquiring a home in Italy and the steps involved in doing so. Purchasing a home in

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Italian rental contract
Real Estate

Rental contracts in Italy

The Italian law strictly regulates residential leases, and the law provides the basic requirement each rental contract needs to have, as well as introduce certain categories of rental contracts. This is extremely different from the common law system where the negotiating parties can agree terms widely and freely. In this article we try to explain

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How to obtain a mortgage in Italy

Getting a mortgage on your property can be challenging as you need to go through a certain procedure before the bank approves your request.  Who can apply for a mortgage in Italy? In theory you can apply for an Italian mortgage regardless of your citizenship. Whether you are EU or non-EU citizen you can apply

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Italian condominium
Real Estate

How does the condominium in Italy work?

The increase of population in crowded areas has introduced new ways of building, involving more apartments in a single building. This of course creates some new problems, including the management of common areas and common expenses. The condominium is regulated by the civil code, thus creating a communion among the apartment owners for shared properties

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