Unemployment benefits in Italy
Nicolò Bolla

Nicolò Bolla

Unemployment benefits in Italy

Being unemployed is a very difficult situation a worker might find himself in, however it can be worse. Imagine finding yourself unemployed with no knowledge of the unemployment benefits you are entitled or what to do once you lose your job? This article aims to shed some light on the matter and to guide you through the unemployment benefits of Italy.

The unemployment welfare system is administered by the INPS and the program is named NASPI (Nuova Assicurazione Sociale per l’Impiego), this program has unified various programs that were added during the years.

Unemployment benefits NASPI in Italy

Becoming unemployed in Italy, what to do?

In order to be defined unemployed, you must have worked at least 30 days (also non consecutive) in the past 12 months.

If you are eligible, you are then required to file your application online to the INPS website, and you need a SPID or an Electronic Identity Card to login.

If you don’t file your application within 68 days from the last day of work, failure to meet the deadline will jeopardize your application.

Once you have logged in the INPS website, you must click the option “Invio domande di prestazioni a sostegno del reddito” and then click on NASPI.

Upon checking your personal details, you can now file your application.

In order to maintain your eligibility, you must:

  • Be enrolled at the local Centro per l’Impiego seeking for employment
  • Not receive any other employment or self employment income

Unemployment benefits payout

Once the application is filed, and you satisfy all the required criteria, you will receive a monthly check based on your employment income.

The payout equals to 75% of the average gross pay of the last 4 years. If that gross pay is lower than € 1,227.55, 75% is calculated on this value.

Furthermore, the maximum benefit cannot exceed € 1,335.40 per month.

Beware that those amounts are gross of tax, and if you receive unemployment benefits along other employment or self-employment income sources, you are required to file your tax return and you are also likely to have a tax liability arising from the computation.

The unemployment benefit duration is linked to the employment period prior to the benefit request. The maximum duration is half of the employment weeks in the last 4 years, which means that the maximum period covered is up to 2 years.

The unemployment benefits will cease to be paid if the applicant:

  • Retires
  • Finds a new job
  • Becomes Self-employed
  • Loses the unemployment status

Agreements between Italy and other EU countries

Individuals who have contributed in any other EU country for at least two years, prior to coming to Italy, are eligible to claim the Italian unemployment benefits. In order to do so, the claimant must fill the form E303 and file it to the competent INPS office.

It is also possible to maintain the unemployment benefit if you move overseas, within the EU or in a non-EU country.

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