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Your italian move is here

Move and Work

in Italy within 30 days

Italy is one of the largest economies in the EU and it attracts countless professionals, employees, business, and entrepreneurs. 2Italy is committed to help you move to Italy and to set up your business idea ensuring full compliance with the law, as well as optimizing your taxation.

Did you know that new arrivers to Italy can reduce their taxes up to 90%? Check out how 2Italy can help you.

Your italian life is here

Retire and Move

to Italy within 30 days

Are you wishing to retire to Italy but don’t know where to start? Unsure about your immigration option? Did you know that pensioners can benefit from a reduced 7% tax rate on their income?

Check out how 2Italy will support you in your plan to retire under the Italian sun.

Your italian retreat is here

Buy Properties

in Italy in 14 days*

Buying a property in Italy has never been easier. 2Italy provides a unique platform to bid on cheap Italian properties, as well as providing amazing property listings and house-hunting services along with all the follow-up activities required to secure your property.

We provide due diligence services, property renovation support, renovation tax credit appraisal and guidance, and client attorney representation to close the property. 2Italy is your go-to option to buy property in Italy.

*Non guaranteed avg. of regular transactions.  


Have other plan not listed above?

Feel free to get in touch with our expert to find a tailored plan or service for your move to Italy

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