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2Italy is home of the famous 1€ houses. Since 2019 we are exploring Italy and bringing to you the most amazing 1€ opportunities


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The 1 Euro Houses Project started from the vision of few Italian municipalities with the aim of countering the abandonment by the population and reviving beautiful rural areas that lost most of their inhabitants with the industrial revolution. The Covid-19 pandemic, the internet revolution and the work from home lifestyle is already impacting and changing this trajectory.

It sounds like a joke. It seems impossible, but in fact this is an initiative that is gradually gaining ground, we sold many properties to worldwide buyers and this can also become your reality.

The price is the very first advantage. Secondly it’s ideal for anyone that is interested in having a home in beautiful Italy, either for living the Dolce Vita or for investment, as Italy it’s a worldwide well-known tourism destination, a famous cuisine reference and has an incredible cultural heritage.

Yes, the auctions start at 1€, but with the additional tax obligations (9% governamental tax, plus any due property tax held by the estate), fees (Notaio €1500,00 avg.) and the buyers market interest it generally increase based on the property conditions and location. However for those bidders used to North American or North European real estate market valuations, it will be still very cheap to have the chance to get an amazing property in a beautiful place for the price of a car.

1€ houses are at the core of 2Italy. You can see all the opportunities listed as auctions here

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There are several municipalities like Mussomeli and Sambuca di Sicilia that have successfully launched public tenders to find buyers. However, there were also many other towns willing to copy these success stories but give up after finding bureaucratical and legal difficulties to raise properties that could be easily auctioned. Therefore, we decided to create a virtual platform supported by a legal team to offer private homeowners the possibility of selling their abandoned houses to international private buyers using the same philosophy of the 1€ homes auctions organized by public entities like it happened in Mussomeli, Sambuca di Sicilia and others.


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