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Italian grants and funds
Work in Italy

Italian Funds and Incentives

The Italian government provides various incentive programs aimed to boost entrepreneurship, tackle unemployment, and help small and local businesses to survive. There are different ways in which the government (and other local administrative bodies) are achieving their mission to provide grants and incentives, and those programs differ greatly. New residents regime As a new resident,

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Italy property for lease
Life in Italy

How to rent a property in Italy

Renting a property as an expat is quite difficult for a few reasons. Firstly, you are likely to be new to the country and not used to the Italian real estate market; secondly, you might not speak the language that well, and finally you are going through the whole relocation process where finding a property

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Italian rental contract
Real Estate

Rental contracts in Italy

The Italian law strictly regulates residential leases, and the law provides the basic requirement each rental contract needs to have, as well as introduce certain categories of rental contracts. This is extremely different from the common law system where the negotiating parties can agree terms widely and freely. In this article we try to explain

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How to obtain a mortgage in Italy

Getting a mortgage on your property can be challenging as you need to go through a certain procedure before the bank approves your request.  Who can apply for a mortgage in Italy? In theory you can apply for an Italian mortgage regardless of your citizenship. Whether you are EU or non-EU citizen you can apply

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Study VISA to Italy

Study VISA

Italy is a common study destination for non-EU students, whether you decide to take a semester overseas or enroll into an Italian institution, you need to have a VISA to allow your stay in Italy for the duration of your studies. Italian Universities take up students from any country of the world without any discrimination.

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Metric to imperial
Life in Italy

Italy conversion chart

Italy adopts the metric system as its main measurement system. If your country has a different measurement system, the following charts come very handy. Imperial/US to Metric: Length 1 foot2.54 centimetres1 foot0.3048 metre1 yard0.9144 metre1 mile1.60934 Kilometres1 nautical mile1852 metres Metric to Imperial/US: Length 1 centimetre0.3937 in1 metre1.0936 yd / 3.38 ft / 39.37 in1

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