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Codice Fiscale

Italian Codice Fiscale

The Codice Fiscale is the Italian tax identification number and it is used for multiple purposes beyond identifying taxpayers for paying their taxes when they fall due. The Codice Fiscale is a string of 16 letters and numbers that identifies each natural person, and this has to be used for multiple daily activities in Italy.

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Representative Office VISA to Italy

Representative office VISA

This is a rather underestimated immigration strategy. The immigration code art. 27 letter g) grants a VISA to directors and employees who are transferred to the Italian representative office of a foreign business. If you have a business incorporated overseas, you can establish a representative office in Italy and thus secure a VISA. How to

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Mobile phone in Italy
Life in Italy

Mobile & Cell phone in Italy

The mobile traffic has exploded in recent years, with every one connected through mobile phones leveraging the data plan provided by the mobile company. This trend is impossible to stop. How do you get a cellphone number in Italy and how do you get data? This article will shed some light on the matter. The

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Residence permit renewal

How to renew your residence permit

Residence permits are issued for specific duration, and they can be renewed based on the type of residence permit itself. The renewal process is very similar regardless of the type of current residence permit you hold. You need to prompt action at 60 days before the permit expiration, and you need to renew your permit

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PEC Certified email address
Life in Italy

PEC – Certified email addres

PEC is the acronym of Posta Elettronica Certificata which means Certified email address. This type of protocol has been adopted in Italy since the early 2000, and it has seen a rapid expansion throughout the years due to its feature, as well as a strong push propelled by the legislator to promote its adoption in

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Giving birth in Italy
Health in Italy

Giving birth in Italy

The delivery of the baby is normally carried out at the hospital, however not every hospital is equipped with the Punto Nascite or the Neonatal intensive care unit. The doctors supporting you through the pregnancy, can help you in determining where to give birth, and which structure is the most appropriate Delivering at the hospital

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