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Enroll in Italian school

How to enrol in school in Italy

Enrolling at any Italian school requires the parents or the guardian to undertake a specific procedure, providing the school with all the relevant documents. In this article we focus on the public school enrolment, because the process is standardized, whilst private schools have different procedures based on their internal decisions. The Italian government has created

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Kindergartens and nurseries in Italy

Nurseries & Kindergartens in Italy

The Early Childhood and Education Care (ECEC) cycle is non mandatory and the structures taking care of children aged 0 to 6 are either the Nido d’infanzia for children up to 3 years of age or the Asilo d’infanzia for children up to 6 years of age.  The ECEC cycle is administered by the local

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high school in Italy

Secondary school in Italy

The secondary school in Italy is articulated in the lower secondary school from 11 years to 14 years of age, and the upper secondary school from 14 years of age to 19 years of age. Note that the lower secondary school is mandatory, while the upper secondary school courses are mandatory until the student is

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Primary school in Italy

Primary School in Italy

Primary school is mandatory for every child starting from age 6, and altogether middle school it is included in the primary education cycle. The main scope of the primary/elementary school is to provide the students with the basic knowledge to develop the individual’s cognitive abilities. This learning path is considered the basic education requirement to

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