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2Italy Reviews

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Italian Citizenship Application

Method: By Marriage     Stage: 02

Stage 02: If the outcome of the stage 1 would be positive, we will require you to provide a set of information that we will need to fill the form of the application. 2Italy will also assist on giving a list of the documents needed and assist on their recovery in Italy and give advice on how to get the others from the country of origin and other countries of residency.

Preliminary Activity Stage

Please pay the second stage fee to move forward with your application.
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      Stage 01

      In this phase we will study the potential feasibility of the application through a set of informations, such as the date/place of marriage, the residency and so on. After this first pre-screening, we will be able to acknowledge if the client has the potential requirements to apply for Italian citizenship.

      Stage 03

      In this stage we will submit the application with the documents provided in the previous stage, and on the basis of a set of information shared. After the application 2Italy will also insert our lawyer name/credentials in the application, so we have a legal person of reference for communications and notification until the end of the procedure that can last up to 2 years extendible to 3. We will take care of checking that everything will be ok with the administration involved and we will solicit them if they exceed the deadline of 2/3 years provided by law.

      We take care of you and your informations

      At 2italy we follow all the latest GDPR normatives to ensure that every piece of information shared by our users is secured and it will be used to its original purposes. We also use secure encryption protocols and multi-layer servers to protect your information within our databases.

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      Phase and Stage?

      Phase is a specific part of a continuous process, while stage is a unique process that composses a group of processes.

      Meaning, our single services processes are divided in phases, while our more elaborated services processes are divided in stages.

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