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2Italy is home of the famous 1€ and cheap houses auctions. Since 2019 we are exploring Italy and bringing to you the most amazing opportunities


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For legal reasons only registered users can join the online auction after providing a valid credit card number. In case the reserve price is met, the winner is the highest bidder at the deadline. In specific auctions we will provide as well a “buy it now” option.

Unfortunately due to the high amount of requests we can not offer a visit into the property prior to the auction closure. If you are the auction winner or you purchase by clicking the ‘buy now’ button we offer you a free accompanied tour, if you by any reason decide not to move forward with the purchase you are only due to pay our auction locker or purchase locker fee, which is 100 Euros.

We understand that buying a house online from another country can raise some doubts regarding how secure it is. 2Italy is a registered company (P.IVA 02938490345) based in Parma (PR). We have been featured by renowned publishers, such as CNN, Lonely Planet and others. At 2Italy we cherish transparency and work to clarify any eventual doubts from our customers. When you win an auction you only pay 100 euros to lock your property, then you’ll proceed with the full payment, for this you can fly into Italy or do it remotely, if you prefer you can choose the notary of your preference to secure the entire process. We can assist you during this whole process.

Auction Locker is a fee of EUR 100,00 charged into you registered credit card to avoid auction relaunching and secure your preference at the property for the remaining of the proccess. If the property registry or payment is not possible for any reason beyond your control the process will be cancelled and the amount refunded.

Because being able to provide a credit card number means that you are a real person verified by the global financial system and gives us confidence that you are a serious enquirer and not a fake or a scammer.

The winner will be asked to pay the Auction Locker fee. Just after he/she will be contacted by our team in order to schedule a video-call to get to know each others, we think is a nice way to explain you the next steps.

After the introduction call we will explain you the different options available to conclude the sale and transfer you the property rights in a deed with a Notary (mandatory in Italy). In case you are not able to travel and do the deed in person we can represent you with a power of attorney. We leave it up to the auction winner to decide what makes more sense given personal circumstances.

Most of the countries in the world have bilateral agreements with Italy in order to grant reciprocity rights to own real estate. Here is a list of the countries that have an agreement in place. If your country does not appear here contact us and we will double check for you.

  1. All EU Nationalities
  2. USA
  3. China
  4. Japan
  5. Russia
  6. Canada
  7. Brazil
  8. Argentina
  9. Mexico

The price is the very first advantage. Secondly it’s ideal for anyone that is interested in having a home in beautiful Italy, either for living the Dolce Vita or for investment, as Italy it’s a worldwide well-known tourism destination, a famous cuisine reference and has an incredible cultural heritage.

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There are several municipalities like Mussomeli and Sambuca di Sicilia that have successfully launched public tenders to find buyers. However, there were also many other towns willing to copy these success stories but give up after finding bureaucratical and legal difficulties to raise properties that could be easily auctioned. Therefore, we decided to create a virtual platform supported by a legal team to offer private homeowners the possibility of selling their abandoned houses to international private buyers using the same philosophy of the 1€ homes auctions organized by public entities like it happened in Mussomeli, Sambuca di Sicilia and others.

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