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2Italy team helps you to trace your Italian roots and claim your Italian passport.

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The first step of every Jure Sanguinis Citizenship Application is to trace your heritage – from your emigrating relative until you. You’ll be able to find some informations within your family documents and at online websites, but a lot of informations are still hold in physical documents (hard copies) at town halls or churches in Italy. We from 2Italy can help you with your online and offline search.

Standard documents

1. Birth Certificates from the “Commune’ in Italy
You will need the birth certificate for your Italian born ancestors in the Italian commune in which they were born. In the event that you are claiming Italian heritage based on a paternal grandparent, you will need a certificate for both grandparents from their respective communes and for your parents. In short, you will need birth certificates for each generation in direct lineage to you.

2. Death Certificates
If your Italian ancestors are deceased, you will need a certified copy of the appropriate death certificate. Also, this document must be supported by an apostille and translated into Italian. In certain cases death records may be required.

3. Marriage Certificates from Italy
As with the birth certificates, you must obtain a marriage certificate which outlines that either your parents, grandparents, great grandparents, or great great grandparents were married in Italy. If this marriage took place in the United States, you will need a certified copy of the marriage certificate along with an apostille from the relevant Secretary of State.

4. Naturalization Certificates
If you do not have an Italian passport and official resident card for your parents or paternal grandparents, you will need a copy of the naturalization record for your mother, father, grandmother or grandfather if you are applying through them.

5. Your Personal Civil Records
You will need to provide an official birth certificate with your application along with a marriage cert or birth certificates of your children if applicable. In the case that you might be divorced, you will also need a certified copy of the divorce records and an apostille for these documents from the Secretary of State.

2Italy can help you at your online and offline search, checking town halls and churhes around Italy. To do so you just need to fill the form below.

Important Note: If you choose to perform only the Ancestry Research with 2Italy you will only submit the Stage 1 of our Jure Sanguinis collection of forms/processes.

Starting at 490,00€ + IVA

We take care of you and your informations

At 2italy we follow all the latest GDPR normatives to ensure that every piece of information shared by our users is secured and it will be used to its original purposes. We also use secure encryption protocols and multi-layer servers to protect your information within our databases.

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